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Home Dog Boarding in Mumbai

Random people: what do you want to be when you grown up! 
Enlightened us: Live with dogs! 

Since we can remember, we wanted to surround ourselves with dogs. We have grown up with dogs and it was just apt to have a fur buddy when we started 'adulting'. 

We opened our home for pet boarding, of all sizes and shapes, in 2019. The Ministry of Paws started because a) we were hungry for some more furry cuddles and b) because it was always so difficult to leave them behind in a kennel knowing that we were having all the fun while on vacation while they were not. We started with homestay and pet boarding in Mumbai for pet parents who wanted to send their fur baby to a place that ensures fun and love. We have two well-behaved and energetic dogs, Rover and Yuki, and they are up for a dog party any time of the day. 

We live near the beach which means catching some waves is always included in our weekend plans. 

We provide crate free dog boarding in Mumbai and a stress-free solution to the nagging question of where to keep your pets while you go on a vacation. 

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