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An Essential Guide for Pet Home Boarding

Is it your first time leaving your pet at a dog boarding? Want to know what to check before selecting a home boarding?

Is your pet home boarding pet-proofed?

This is a very valid concern especially if your dog is small in size. The house or the dog area should be enclosed so that chances of your pouch is reduced.

Is your pet caretaker at the dog boarding willing or equipped enough to administer medicine?

In pet boarding, the host keeps your pouch safe but sometimes, it can fall sick due to various reasons. They should be comfortable with giving medicine to the pouch.

How do they walk the dog?

Though it might seem like a futile question to ask, it is important to know how they walk the dog? Do they talk them off-leash? Do they know how to handle a situation where a stray dog becomes aggressive towards a new dog?

What kind of food would they give your pouch?

Ask your pet-boarders about the food they would provide for your pouch. Similarly, you should also inform them if your pouch has any dietary restrictions.

Will my dog get 24/7 supervision?

Some boarders claim to never leave the pouch unattended. However, it is important to ask them how do they plan to manage the dogs if they ever need to leave. They either use crates or there is always someone in the house to look after the pouch.

Will my dog be welcomed to the household?

Home pet boarding provides love and care for the pouches in a way kennels can’t. As it is in someone’s home, it is possible that there are other family members residing in the house. For the pouch to have the best time of it’s life, it is important for all family members to be on board with dog boarding. Even if one family member is uncomfortable, it can turn out to be stressful and limiting for the pouch.

Should I let them take my dog to any vet, if needed?

Home pet boarders are usually connected to good vets in and around their areas. In case your dog needs medical attention and your vet is a little far away from the home boarding, let the host take them to the nearest vet?

What if there are other dogs in the home dog boarding facility?

It is always a good idea to have a meet-up before the actual stay. The pet can either be left for 3-6 hours or for 24 hours. Also, it is always good to meet at a neutral place where the dogs can run and play. The pet boarders as well as the pet parents get a pretty good idea about the temperament of the dogs. It’s a win-win for both parties.

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