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Why do dogs sleep at the feet

My dog, Rover, loves to sleep at my feet. There are times when he keeps one of his paws on me and sleeps. I kept keeping him on his bed, but when the night fell, he was back at my feet. No matter how much training I gave him, even if he listened to the command, I would find him the most comfortable when he is snoring to glory at my feet.

They don’t care whether their necks will be sore the next morning or they will have disturbed sleep. Now, one would wonder why would dogs like to sleep at such an uncomfortable position even if the comfortable bed is begging to be used?

Before we get to know why do dogs love to sleep at your feet, let’s understand a dog’s nature.

Dog’s nature is to hunt, eat and sleep. They hunt in packs that is headed by an alpha male. They eat what they hunt, and they sleep wherever they can find a comfortable spot, near their pack and curled up to protect their vital organs.

With food and shelter taken care of, all that is left is their sense of being close to their pack.

Why do dogs love to sleep at your feet?

Dogs give unconditional love to their pet parents because they consider them to part of their pack. When a dog considers itself part of their pack, it will do anything to be closer to you to feel secure.

Also, sleeping near the feet is a sign of being submissive. In the wild, the alpha male sleeps near the pack and not with the pack. This is done in order to establish hierarchy.

Similarly, dogs sleep at your feet if they consider you the alpha male of the pack.

What does it mean if the dog wants to sleep on the pillow?

As dogs are constantly trying to establish their role in the pack, sometimes, the dog would want to rest his head on the pillow. By allowing them to do so, you are telling him that they are higher in hierarchy than you. Make sure their head is below yours.

Dogs love to be part of the pack. How lucky are you to have found a being who consider you to be his alpha male. Dogs also love to be cuddled silly! Your feet provide it the security and comfort that no bed can give.

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