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My dog was loved beyond measure. Don't think he missed me much. Rover and Yuki kept him busy with lots of play. Avi and Vinay made sure I received lots of updates. I am stress-free and can enjoy my vacation knowing my pup is with them.

Niyoma Bora

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So since I started a job recently - (working very long hours away from home). Add to that my husband had to go out of town for 15 days. I felt I  could really do with a known, friendly and trustworthy place for the most important member of our house - my 5 year old Benji!

Obviously I had no heart to drop him anywhere where he would be lonely and sad..
So Avi came as a total Godsend!
Spending 5 years with humans Benji has learnt how to be demanding in a few aspects - he never was fussy about these earlier - one of them being hand fed and being invited (coaxed) to eat, waking up a couple of times at night etc etc
Avi did all of that -  I'm so grateful!! 

I also kept getting videos of all that he was upto. Benji got so much love the two days he was there - he just couldn't be in a better place!!

God bless this caring family with everything that they wish for!!

PS: I'm sure Benji also got a good workout thanks to the ever energetic 8 month old Yuki - he wouldn't have used half those calories playing catch with us at home! I have already pre-booked Benji for at least 2 weekends every month!


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The dog boarding facility is hassle-free. They updated me with pictures and videos so that I don't miss my dog Brandy much. My dog missed playing with Rover and Yuki once she was back. I highly recommend their dog boarding service.

Vinay Iyengar

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